Thursday, January 24, 2008

Catch Up Time

I haven't done so well with the Bridget Jones' style food diary, have I? Well, excuses, excuses. We have had major adjustments to the schedule around here with the onset of speech therapy in addition to regular school. Think we have it sort of figured out now though. So, here are the first two days as a catch-up and then I will try again for a more Bridget style....

Day 1 (Jan 22)
* apple/cinnamon oatmeal
*4 triscuits, 2 baby dills
*red beans and rice French Roll
* 2 Hershey Kisses
*1/2 banana
*Do not try to enjoy red beans and rice with brown rice - I love brown rice, but that SUCKED!
*I am not including beverages unless they contain calories. You really do not want to know how much coffee, diet coke, and tea I drink.

Day 2 (Jan 23)
* 8 triscuits, carrots and ranch
* banana and 3 strawberries
* baked potato (1/2 Tbs margarine, 1 TBS light sour cream)
Holy Crap! Is that really all I ate yesterday? Yep, think so. Busy, crazy day.

Know what today is??? January 24th! The day of the Science Fair! Do you know what that means? Life can return to pseudo-normal! The way it was before Nov 1st when all this Science and History Fair crap invaded our lives. I get my life back! I love today! I am sure, however, that it will be a brief respite before they dream up new ways to torture the child (and subsequently me), but I'm enjoying it for now.


Tessie said...

Actually, I DO want to know how much coffee and diet pop you drink, because I have a sneaking suspicion that my FOUR PLUS cups a day is not...normal.

How in the hell are you eating FOUR TRISCUITS? I have never in my life eaten fewer than 47 Triscuits in one sitting.

MaryB said...

I see your four and Raise you - well, a lot.

As for the triscuits - because I grab whatever I happen to grab in m yhand as I am walking out the door and, sometimes unfortunately, that means there is not an opportunity to get more once I eat all of them. Seriously, though, I think Im goign to have to start stocking the purse or car with some healthy snacks, because Ijust do not have time to eat at home.

Katie said...

Ummmm...the fact that you eat basically NOTHING makes me STARVING. I have to go eat something NOW. (You do too)

Anything is Possible said...

I think you should eat a little more. How do you keep from passing out from low blood sugar? It must be nice to eat so little and NOT want to fall in the floor. Lucky you.

Annie, The Evil Queen said...

MB-I found one of the best things I've done for loosing weight this past year is eating breakfast every morning. Seriously. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it works. Eat three meals so your body isn't struggling and storing emergency fat. And put some kind of Kashi bars or Clif bars or something in your car. You're going to pass out and kill everyone on the road.

MaryB said...

Annie - I totally believe you about the breakfast issue. It is going to take some effort for me to do that. I hate eating early in the morning. I am trying though. Ive been downing some organic oatmeal around 10 or 11.

It is no secret that I dont have the healthiest relationship with food. Ive been working on stocking up my purse and car with things exactly like what you mention.

And, I promise Im safe to drive. Richis always saying that he cannot decide if I am a Russian spy (due to my mixing up of colloquialisms) or an alien (due to my ability to not eat or sleep for extended periods and still function normally).

I really, really appreciate your support! Very sincerely. Im 33, Im done having children. My youngest is 4. It just really feels like time to get my non-child producung body back. I feel like I don't know the person I see in the mirror. I guess some of it is just aging and vanity, but I KNOW it can be btter than this.

SLynnRo said...

What Tessie said about the Triscuits. Seriously.

SLynnRo said...

You know what would probably be good for you? Nutri-System. My mom was basically anorexic her whole life (AND SO NOT ACCUSING YOU OF THAT) but she was never very thin because she didn't eat enough and her metabolism was out of whack. Once she started eating balanced regular meals, she got SKINNY. Your sporadic eating probably just has your body confused.

MaryB said...

slynnro - but does it taste good????