Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Say It Don't Spray It!

It started this past February. It was a terrible night of crushing fingers and dust storms. That was the night that I trepidatiously went to one of my first squadron spouses' events ever. It was at this dinner that I met a girl we will call Ann. I liked her. She was cute, fashionable and poised. She was nice and friendly without be overly so that she was scary. In discussions with me and some of the other girls I would hear her talk about topics that interest me AND she is a SAHM. Those are few and far between around here. I think I developed a bit of a girl crush. She and her husband were new "quitters" (as we reserve couples are called). She asked me some questions about the area and about Rich's job and said she might call me to talk about some issues more in depth. I told her that would be great and to call anytime. I asked Rich when I got home if he knew and/or liked her husband. He said yes to both. I thought, "Great! I think we could make new couple friends!" She never called. It is out of my somewhat reserved comfort zone to call a girl I met once who may or may not have found me interesting.

Now it is July. In the months since February there has been some minor squadron drama. (For further details on the drama you will have to look elsewhere.) I was concerned that because I am a relative unknown in the squadron my name might be attached to the drama. (Sorry to be vague, but some things do not belong on this blog.) Anywho, I was thinking this might be why she didn't call. So I finally broke one of my cardinal rules and confided to a very good friend who is also attached to the squadron about my dilemma. She understood and then she said that coincidentally she had been having squadron issues of her own and that she had been thinking of having Rich and I, along with Ann and her husband, over for dinner next week...Yay! She asked that I mention this "get together" to Ann that night at the Hail and Farewell at the Flying Saucer.

In keeping with the elements of a girl crush, I spend a ridiculous amount of mental energy deciding what to wear to the Hail and Farewell. I want her to think I am hip and interesting, no? We arrive at the bar and start mingling. I meet some new people which is nice and I meet Ann's husband, but she is way over at the other end of the room. I never quite make it over to say hello because I get involved in conversations with some other people and then get trapped in a conversation that is a total train wreck (again, look elsewhere for details). Finally, when she does make it towards my side of the room and she comes to chat I am feeling a little buzzed and flushed. She asks me a question and I answer her while still laughing at something or another which causes ...

spittle to fly from my mouth and land dead center on her cheeks!!!!!! OMG! SO embarrassing!
She made a joke of wiping off her face. Before anything else could transpire they started clinking the glass to start the official hailing and farewelling. Rich and I had to duck out quickly as he had an 0630 brief the next morning.

So, that was my first and last impression on the girl. And I'm having dinner with her family at the aforementioned friend's house on Friday. What will I do to embarrass myself this time?

P.S. In an attempt to regain some "coolness" factor, I am bringing both my much-loved chocolate pie and a fresh peach pie with a butter/peach brandy filling under the peaches. Wouldn't you want to be my friend if I made you delicious pies?

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Times, They are a Changin'

Picture this if you will...I am walking down the street on a Sunday morning. I am following a 40-inch-tall little boy with a backpack on his back and carrying a sleeping bag. It was so cute and picturesque, but all I could think was, "How did this happen? When did my little baby boy grow into a big kid who goes on sleepovers?"

Then it occurs to me that when Rich and I came home from the Flying Saucer the night prior,* we could not go to bed because we had to wait up for J and Con to get home from the movies.

So, in one weekend, my little boy grew into a big kid and my other two boys turned into kids I had to wait up for.

*More on my embarrassing social gaffes next post.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Career Advice

If you are completely opposed to the consumption of alcohol, and would be thrilled to see prohibition reinstated, then maybe you should not work at a LIQUOR STORE!

However, you certainly would give me one of the biggest laughs of my vacation.