Monday, December 15, 2008

0800 Status Report

0745 - MaryB in pajamas helping load kids into the carpool driver's car.

0746 - MaryB is locked out of her house

Current Weather conditions: 27 degrees and gusty winds.

MaryB is wearing what? Oh yes, her jammies.

Lovely start to a week that was already looking like hell...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fail....But Then Success...And Then Maybe More Fail

So, my beloved WHBM failed me. They will not be getting that cute, white, tiered top in stores, in a size that will fit me, and I do not have time to order one. The good news is that I will now be wearing an outfit that cost me exactly ZE-RO dol-lah! Yea!

For those of you who may care (very very few and I don't know why even they would care) I'll be wearing the red strapless top (but with the velvet sash tied in the back)borrowed from Jennifer, and my very favorite black pants ever. The wide legs could NOT be worn with such a gathered, full top! The other good news is that someone, an angel possibly, returned the necklace I have been lusting after at WHBM... and I still had my trusty, dusty gift card! So, now I have two pretty necklaces to choose from on Saturday, and the the one I do not wear will get prettily wrapped and hidden in a stocking by Santa himself on Christmas Eve! Win-win all around. So, yeah! (But, SOMEONE please buy that white top - it is bee-ooo-ti-ful!)

So, how are all of you Santas doing checking off your lists???? I need to sit down and re-assess the status of the lists after I get all the nosey children into their beds! I am usually D.O.N.E. by now. And, by done, I mean bought, wrapped, hidden, separated, and Ready To Go! And all out of town gifts, wrapped, packed, and shipped. The big sickness of 2008 really took a toll and I am so so far behind this year! I do not even have a Christmas card picture taken! I'm thinking we will all wear black and white and send out one of those fun silvery New Year's cards this year. OMG - that will ROYALLY piss off my husband! But, seriously, did you notice up there how I fill my own stocking??? I do EVERYTHING in terms of the holidays with the exception of hanging the outside lights. So, he should just shut it, right????? Speaking of this, I've been meaning to ask you girls... Do you select and buy the gifts for your spouse's parents/family? I mean SERIOUSLY, doesn't it stand to reason that HE would have a better idea of what to get his father than I would???

Am I loser if I really do send out New Year's Cards? People must do it, since they make them now. Ill make them really cute, I promise!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Cost Cutting Measure I would Avoid

Forever 21. Holy Crap. That stuff looks sooooo cute online. In person - total C.R.A.P.!!! As if the prices shouldnt have told me this BEFORE venturing there. Fabrics = crap. Construction = crap. Size regulation = crap.

The winning outfit for the holiday party for which it will be FREEZING and we will be venturing outside (basically glorified bar hopping for grown ups):


TOP: ( I think I have finally used up all of my WHBM gift certificate with this purchase!)

PANTS: (this picure doesnt accurately portray just how WIDE-leg they really are...)

A Public Service Announcement

Let me give you some advice. The economy is kicking all of our arses right now. We all need to cut corners, trim the fat, reign in the spending, etc, etc, (Pick your own colloquialism)

Here are two ideas I will save you from trying:

1. Do not wax your own legs. It is a total PIA and the wax does not peel off in big, nice strips. It flakes off in little pieces. I have a darn high threshold for pain when it comes to waxing. So, don't go assuming it was because I lacked the fortitude to really do it right. No, home waxing just has a steep learning curve and is NOT NOT NOT worth the effort. By the time you spend money for wax and other supplies and then see how long it takes to do it right, you realize that a leg wax at European Skin Care isn't so expensive after all.

2. Aquafresh White Trays work like a dream. All the strip style home whiteners have been dismal failures for me. They do not git in my mouth, they slide around and generally annoy the crap out of me. The Aquafresh trays stay put. they mold to fit. They are perfect. HOWEVER, my teeth and gums have been suffering weird, painful twinges all day long. Strangest, most unpleasant sensation. Maybe I should just try giving up the coffee and thus reduce my need for whitening. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... AS IF!!!! Oh Holy Sheet!!! As I am sitting here, RIGHT THE HECK NOW typing this, a commercial just popped up on the telly for "NEW Aquafresh Gentle Care Whitening Trays" that comes with a special toothpaste to prepare your teeth and gums in case the whitening agent bothers you.....Something that would have been nice to know about YES-TER-DAY!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

In the Mood

....No not for THAT! For Christmas spirit and joy.

Its share time. I'll tell you my favorite Christmas CDs/ all do the same in the comments or on your blog. If on your blog, then leave a comment/link in the comments. My list of favorites is likely to give away my true old-lady, mellow nature...

1. All-purpose wonderful, beautiful music:

*Christmas Blessings by Tom Baroco - All I can tell you is that it is just BEAUTIFUL. It will lift your spirits, and put you in the spirit of the season. Seriously, if you only own one album- this is THE ONE! Buy it now!

*A Winter's Solstice by Windam Hill - no description or reason necessary, right?

* Miracle by Kenny G - yes, I like it - you do too, you just wont admit it out loud. Funny note about this one: we have a good friend who refuses to listen to this anytime or anywhere because he finds it truly offensive to listen to Christmas music from a Jewish artist. I think its STOOPID, but find it hilarious for some inexplicable reason.

* October Road by James Taylor - Its not all Christmas, but its a fab album and his rendition of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" is PERFECTION for keeping the materialism in check. Something about they way he sings of "precious friends" really gets the message into your heart.

2. My Favorite fun Albums:

* Harry Connick - Harry For the Holidays (Really, do you need a reason for this one?)

* Diana Krall's Christmas Songs - We all know that I LOVE and ADORE her. Sophisticated, Fun, and at times Sultry. End of story. I do not care if you are a jazz snob who thinks she is a sell-out. Give it a chance, you will fall in love with her when your Grinch heart grows as you listen.

Elf soundtrack - MOST ESPECIALLY the Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell version of "Baby, Its Cold Outside." In some ways, this song is "our song." It is THE SONG that everything in the house stops for. Everyone sings, mom and dad dance in the kitchen. Its fabulous, happy and fun! I would say that this songs loops on continuous play at our house far more than once during the holidays. It kind of defines the MaryB Christmas Experience.

On a related note, I would like to thank the cantor at the Cathedral, or the music director, or whoever is responsible for the fact that they sing Veni, Veni, Emmanuel - all the verses, in the Latin. A moving Advent reflection!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Unfortunately I Am NOT Forever 21

Do you have to be under 30 to get away with wearing opaque tights with a party dress? I think the trend is totally adorable, but am thinking that a girl my age might look like she is trying too hard to be younger than she is. And, ironically, people who try to dress too young for their age tend to look OLDER than their age, doncha think?

The root cause of this dilemma??? This dress...The second I saw it, I just knew it would be perfect with opaque black tights and some black, very tall, ankle-strap heels...

That is what I WANT to wear. In reality, Ill probably end up wearing this top (because I already have it) with some wide leg back crepe trousers....UNLESS any of you can convince me otherwise!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is This Thing Still On?

Well, hello there. How are you? I've missed you all so!

Where I've been:

  • some crappy stuff that was non-bloggable, yet brain consuming so that I couldnt blog about anything else.
  • PTO craziness - meetings and happenings and planning galore...
  • Informal interview RE teaching 8th grade pre-algebra at boys' school next year. Still dont know if I want to do that or not...lean towards yes, but not sure..
  • having friends over for Cajun feast only to have a MAJOR plumbing disaster flood my kitchen with black sludge when they were on their way here from the burbs up north in DFW rush-hour hell. Had to tell them to turn around and go home.
  • Plumbing fixed, had them come the next day.
  • The day after that was cooking and cleaning for Turkey day.
  • then, it was Turkey day and I the food and company were fabulous, but later that night i started to come down with something and so did Grant and Connor.
  • next day, Grant and i were sick as dogs. Grant ended up with a z-pack and a nebulizer. i thought I could just kick it the natural way...ha ha ha ha ha.. it is now Tuesday and I'm crying uncle. headed to doctor to BEG for help and meds.
  • My mom gets here tonight for our annual shopping and wrapping extravaganza. Have been making lists upon sub-lists, upon cross-referenced lists to prepare....
  • Having more party fashion crises. Need personal, live in advice giver. What is with all the catalogues and the almost opaque tights with cocktail dresses and open-toed shoes???? Are colored stockings back in?? December nights roaming downtown are too cold for bare legs, right?

Okay, so much more to tell you, but the shutter installation people will be here any minute and i am still in my snowman jammies ... we'll talk more soon. i promise...I wont be gone so long this time! Hope you are all ready to tell me all the things you and your kids have on your Christmas lists, mkay? I'm always looking for great ideas an deals!