Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Quick Bullet Point Tour of Crazytown

* Leaving my beloved new kitchen to move to the burbs. Is that sudden or what ?@$&#!?
* Subsequent freaking out about staging of this house and OBSESSING about neighborhoods, schools, houses and prices in the new place...
* Science Fair
* Cleaning out closets, garage, and EVERYTHING and staging it all and painting and finishing all remodeling projects to get ready to put house on market
* Rich left for his detachment
* But not before some idiot stole his bag with credit cards, passports, his freakin' FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT BADGE! etc, etc, etc You cannot imagine the disaster that was his last night home
* Thankfully, said idiots appeared to have ditched the bag on side of the road, minus credit cards and RayBans, when they discovered aforementioned badge.
* Speeding ticket issued to me on way home from dropping Rich at airport for 3 week det when I TOTALLY WAS NOT SPEEDING - WTF WTF WTF?
* The fact that I , very nicely, respectfully, and politely, pointed this fact out to Officer NumNuts pissed him off so that he also gave me a citation for be "uninsured" because my proof of insurance card expired last week...He totally refused to look me up in the system or to let me call USAA and let them tell him.
* Rich texted from plane/airport asking me to bid for him and I totally do not know how to do that. THANK the good Lord for friends who I can call and then just start to cry and then their wonderful, wonderful husbands take care of it for me. Dear G and K - i love you!

Monday, January 5, 2009


So, I was out running errands and someone stopped me to ask about my blog. Apparently I have a blog?

Sorry to be a tease. Ill be back I promise. Lots and lots going on over here in Crazyville.

If all of you would get your butts on fb and be my friend we could keep up even when Im neglecting the blog!