Thursday, June 21, 2007

Life is good!

The beach is great. Two days of rain, but still having fun and it looks like the rain will not be returning for a while. I'll post more if it does rain, but until then I'm off to make some sandcastles and drink margaritas.

OH, and now there is a Fresh Market IN DESTIN!!!!!! Could life be any better?

Monday, June 4, 2007

Somebody Call the CDC

Dear Annie,

You know that I love you dearly and have enjoyed our friendship. Your blog with all of its wit, book reviews and pictures of the adorable Sam entertain me almost daily. So, it is with much regret that I find myself considering avoiding you, even in blogging form. I think your disease is contagious. You know, that volunteering disease? I had gotten very good at saying "no" with much grace, but just now I hung up the phone and just stared at it thinking, "How could I have agreed to that?" The only conclusion I can come to is that Annie Disease is contagious and is transmitted via the Internet.

The cost of this disease? Sanity

Symptoms for me will include:
1. 6th grade room parent
2. Fall Festival Chair (HOLY CRAP!)
3. renewing my gig as the assistant to the Development Director
4. mentor family (not that big of a deal, thank goodness!)
5. PTO Hospitality Chair

I have heard that there are only two ways to manage the dreaded disease
1. Copious delegation
2. alcohol (preferably in the form of Vanilla Skyy or Absolut Citron)

If people end up suing that guy with TB, I will be forced to sue you for the cost of alcohol necessary to survive the next school year. Maybe Paige will publish some new cocktail recipes soon. I would love to write more, but I have to head over to the White Trash Mom right now to check her advice on hiding from the Muffia and Volunteer Gestapo!


Sunday, June 3, 2007

(circa 1994)

Happy Birthday to my oldest and dearest friend, el-e-e! We have spent years comparing and mulling over boyfriends. homework, books, prom dresses, college majors, jobs, wedding dresses, pregnancy, husbands, and kids. One day it will be grandchildren and great grandchildren! I am still reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and am sure that el-e-e is my laotong.

I have tried in vain to creatively express to the blogosphere what an amazing woman she is. However, I seem unable to create the picture montage I had envisioned. It would be in poor taste to call your best friend to get technical advice on how to create something that you were creating for her, don't ya think?

So, is it possible to paint her with words?

She is...

unbelievably smart



funny, and sometimes downright silly

fiercely loyal

a voracious reader

deep, pensive, thoughtful

beautiful, especially her stunning baby blue eyes

the best crepe maker ever!

a loving and patient mother

a girl with the voice that will stop you in your tracks and make you cry (especially if she sings Friends at your high school baccalaureate or Wherever you Go at your wedding)

the only person I know whose eye roll might equal mine

a Texan, but we'll forgive her for that

the girl who introduced me to the love of my life

the best friend I could have asked for for the past 18 years

so much more than I could describe here

I hope that you all have a friend like her in your lifetime. And, if you are lucky, you can marry their cousin so that she is stuck with you as family for the rest of her life!


El-e-e, Why is it that you have all the sparkly dress pictures? Those would have been a hoot to use for this post! You would be surprised how hard I had to hunt for a picture of the two of us. They must all still be at my mom's house. We need some updated pictures!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend Turns Into Memorial Week

What did you do this past long weekend? Hope you has as much fun as we did! I, always the city girl, was shocked to discover another side of myself. I am diggin' this whole ranch lifestyle. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Con tagging the new calf's ear. The cows and calves were SOO cute! We saw them doctor a hurt cow, find a lost cow....I could go on and on, but here is the evidence of the fun... Oh, and Grant caught his first fish ever!