Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Time to return to my normal life

Well, I survived. The festival is over and I'm still standing. Of course, the festival was on Saturday and Connor's biography book report, complete with paper bag puppet, was due Monday. So, we went from festival crazy into book report and puppet never seems to end. I think that is because I jinxed myself earlier this year when I mentioned to someone that this year was much easier than I expected it to be. Jamie's 3-D book report project is due the next Monday. Then we are full into History Fair and Science Fair. For the love of Pete, WHY do we have to do the History and Science fairs????

At any rate, the Festival was a success. All the kids and families had a blast. We made money. There were only several minor crises to deal with.

And, since this blog is called A Yankee's Guide to Texas...let me just inform you about Texas men. (apologies to the few who are evolved enough to consider a person without an extra appendage intelligent) I have never encountered chauvinism anywhere I have lived like I did this past weekend at the festival. I actually had to pull my "navy wife" card out and say, "hey you bunch of num-nuts! I am more self sufficient than the lot of you are. Oh, and did I mention I have a brain? A rather smart one if I say so myself. And, if I ask you a freaking question, it is probably because I need and answer, not because I am trying to annoy you with idle chit-chat!" And, if I tell you that the generator you plan to connect to my 65 ft obstacle course will not supply sufficient power, maybe you should listen to me. Cuz you know what? When you ignore me and blow me off as some silly girl who knows nothing of amps and volts we all end up looking like idiots when the party rental company can't blow up the thing at 720am! Did you notice that I was right there next to you throwing hay bails and hammering nails? Seriously, I think some of these idiots still carry around smelling salts and hankies for dainty and fragile members of the fairer sex. Next year, I will know better how to deal with the Dad's mafia. Regular southern methods do not work here, I'll have to devise new methods to conquer the Texas men.

The kids had fun trick-or-treating. Grant was Thomas - again. Connor was a fighter pilot. Jamie was my candy passer outer. I am a wretched horrible mother and did not take a single picture. I'm tellin' ya, it is all I could do just to get homework done, dinner fed, and costumes on - no time for cameras. But, now, I must go to dig through all the candy to find any and all Milky Way Midnights !

Happy Halloween to you and yours. And, if you are not lame like me then I look forward to seeing pictures of all your ghosts and goblins.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Note To Self...

If you are going to have tickets printed for the school Fall Festival Raffle, you should check first to see that the item you are raffling off can actually be purchased. Otherwise, you might make an ass out of yourself crying in the 11th store you have been to in 3 hours that does not have that elusive item.

Then, you must buy a very large gift for a person (with a 4 day old baby) who starts stalking stores by phone and saves your sorry self from complete humiliation by directing you to a store to meet a delivery truck delivering three of the holy grail of electronic games!

Have I mentioned that I hate Festivals - well, at least ones I have to plan.

Anyone want a raffle ticket? Cuz you sure as hell won't easily be purchasing one of these babies on your own before Christmas unless you'd like to pay well over retail to one of the scavengers on e-bay.

Baby Gifts

If you are expecting a baby girl, or have just delivered a baby girl, you can expect to get this gift from me. It made me laugh out loud in the middle of Babies R Us. I hope you get a giggle too.

Someone should have made sure that Jennifer Grey had one of these for her babies.

Monday, October 8, 2007

It's FALL!!!!

Okay, the weather is more like the dog days of summer, but you know it is fall when.....


Seriously people, you do not know how good an apple can be unless you enjoy them now while they are in season. There is not a better apple to be had. I haven't stopped smiling since I bought my first round Saturday. Im heading back to Central Market to get more today.

I also suggest thinly slicing them onto a sandwich with a little cream cheese and Cinnamon peanut butter. Even better if you toast some dense cinnamom raisin bread to make your sandwich on! Yum!!

Oh, and I also highly endorse ALL of Penaut Butter Company's offerings. I love that they are all natural and tasty! The White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate are especially popular 'round here!

Happy Eating!