Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Advice

This is not the method I would prescribe if you want to sell your house quickly. Despite the popularity of the contrary saying, honesty is NOT ALWAYS the best policy.

What I Have Been Up To...

I have been baking 2 -3 dozen oatmeal chocolate chips cookies per day. I have been running to Target to buy more Tahitian Vanilla votives and cucumber mint tealights. I have been reprinting fliers and disclosures. I have been answering the phone, fielding the questions, and scheduling the showings. I let them in. I left them to look and snoop while I drove around to my special hidden spot where I could see how long they were there, but I knew they could not see me. Basically, I have been running a 12 hour per day, 7 day a week open house. I have been keeping my house looking like this every minute of every day...Do you know how hard that is while still trying to live a life with three children and an absent husband????

BUUUT it all paid off. We received three offers this weekend, and one of them came with the the most perfect closing/leaseback timeline we could have only dreamed of. And they accepted our counter offer without a second thought. We are beside ourselves with excitement and total disbelief! Now, I need to go start researching new refrigerators because the new owners are getting our current one. Any suggestions???

The builder got our last permit on Friday. We are ready to go! Will schedule a pre-build meeting with builder this week. So, in my best Sarah Palin imitation, "BUILD, BABY, BUILD!"

However, underneath all of this happiness and excitement, we are well aware that we will cry like babies when it is actually time to leave.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Third Little Pig

Now, the third little pig was a smart little pig and knew he wanted to make his house out of brick. The big bad wolf could not blow down a house made of durable, beautiful brick. The third little pig looked and looked for a brick that was just right. He even called Goldilocks because she is the expert of "just right." The Pig and Goldilocks drove through countless neighborhoods, took hundreds of pictures, and looked at interesting houses in different times of day and sunlight. None of the bricks were just right. But, then, one day, they found the brick that was "just right!"

So, they called the house builder and said, "We have found the just right brick. We are so excited!"

And the builder said, "I know it is just right. BUT, I am so sorry. You cannot have it because the house right next door to you thought it was 'just right' too."

The Little Pig will have to keep looking.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Which Grant Tells You Why MaryB Has Had No Time to Post

That there dirt is now OUR dirt....the very beginning of a long, long road.