Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still. Not one tear. Yet right at the brink all of the time.


On the bright side. Have a brick selected for new house.

The new house that won't ever get finished because they still haven't started!


nicole said...

Yea for brick! And houses can be built alarmingly fast.

Katie said...

Maybe you don't REALLY need to cry. You just need to cut lose. Go dancing and drinking. Or something.

And, Nicole is right...haven't you ever watched Extreme Home Makeover? They can build a house in, like, 3 hours.

Mandy said...

...blame the govt and all the damn permits they need to get to just measure your lot;)

alexis said...

has anyone suggested watching Terms of Endearment yet? that one, as sappy as it is, works for me every time. gotta love shirley maclaine.

also, let me know if you want a REAL sob story. i have one (thanks, crappy job!), and it's a big tearjerker.