Tuesday, February 5, 2008

At Katie's Request

Katie says that she can't help me without some photographic eveidence of the "chic-ness." So, here it is. Critique away. Keeping in mind several things:

1. I'm not done yet. Window panels and lumbar/boudoir pillows on the way.

2. Im not sure how the paint color appears on your monitor. It is Powell Buff by Benjamin Moore. It is a golden/buttery/tan. I did not want yellow, and I did not want Khaki.

3. My 12 year old (you know, the one with all the fashion advice!) says maybe I should make the walls a darker shade. Although, I think they appear lighter in the photos than they are in person.

4. I told you my house was small!

5. I think the red will look less stark when the very light carpet is gone and the wood floors are in.

6. My husband (the sole wage earner) is a lowly pilot, not a CEO with a golden parachute.

7. Nate Berkus or Martha Stewart I am not. (though I SO wish I was!)

8. The white coverlet and Euro's are a diamond matelasse pattern.


Mandy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt/shams!!

(ps I found you thru Lee)

Anything is Possible said...

MB- Okay. I just read the post about Rich hating the room. Please, he's a man. I love it. I'm so glad you went with the red paisley. I also really like the paint color. -Looks great with your dark wood.

Jas finally stopped saying anything about household decorating. He used to get so confused because every time he came home; rooms were different colors or rearranged. As long as I don't try to rearrange his garage or his office, he's happy.

Tracy said...

Randy went through a phase where he thought he actually had a vote (ha!) Now he spouts his mouth and then says whatever you think honey. I am by no means M.S or N.B., but I love the second picture through the mirror. I think you did a good job.

Oh and productivity while the pilot folk are out...OMG! I get SO much more done. I think it stems from when they were active duty and you didn't get to see them so much. When Randy is home, I feel like I have to be in the same room doing something together. I seem to put all of my projects on hold. Then when he is gone...BAM I am rushing to get as much me time and projects done. If I do them when he is gone, I don't have to hear about how I shouldn't do it, when he comes back, it is done. End of discussion. Also, when he is gone, I KNOW I have to do everything by myself. I don't depend on anyone. When he is home, I seem to think he is going to do something more and then I get less done.. Does that make sense? Honey, I could talk for hours about pilots and their wives!

MaryB said...

Mandy - welcome aboard my crazy train! A friend of Lee's is a frined of mine!

el-e-e said...

I think it is just gorgeous. What would Rich WANT it to look like? I mean, if it's not "a total chick room" it's either uber-modern and so uncomfortable you can't sit down for more than 1 minute on the hard-edged steel/polypropelene benches (I would think)... or there's underwear hanging from the lamps. Right? Is that what men want? I doubt it really.

Anything is Possible said...

I'm with Elee. Do they really know what they want? If you looked through an Ethan Allen catalog and designed your room with all the heavy plaid 'man' fabrics, would they like that? Doubtful. By the way, those man fabrics contain a LOT of red.

Katie said...

I tried to comment a few days ago but blogger was being a beeeyotch!

Okay! I LOVE it. I do not see how he could POSSIBLY find that chick-ish. Not in the least! What is WRONG with him??

Maybe you could pull the red part down and fold it thickly at the bottom of the bed, showing more of the white coverlet...would that help him? To walk in and mostly see white with red accents?

I personally LOVE it!