Tuesday, February 5, 2008

For a Girl Who Hates Texas, Cowboys Sure Do Seem To Appear Ridiculously Often in Her Blog

This is what happens if a cute little boy in cowboy pj's starts messing around with stuff while you are re-organizing the garage.

This is what happens when you send your little boy to pre-school in Fort Worth during the stock show.


Tessie said...

Your kitchen cabinets look JUST THE SAME COLOR as mine! We just got ceramic tile in about that color too!

Hmm, I know there were cowboys and a TX theme here too but unfortunately that's all I got.

Katie said...

Oh, Lord have MERCY. Your kids are totally going Texan. Sorry to tell you that! (too cute, though!)

MaryB said...

Tessie - I so hope your tile is ceramic or porcelain tile and not travertine! AARGH!!! NOT meant for kitchens! I can NOT wait to be rid of it! The people who flipped our house - boy do I have some questions for them!