Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Important Numbers

8 = number of days I have to make lunches until summer vacation begins

2 = number of Fridays left to work lunch/recess duty at school

1 = number of projects left to be completed/turned in before the fun days of end-of-year begin

0 = number of teachers' gifts I have purchased

4 = number of weeks before we head to the beach!!!!!

10 = number of pounds I'd like to lose before the beach

5 = highest number of pounds one could realistically lose in 4 weeks

0 = number of people whose skin is whiter/paler than mine (God Bless Olay Touch of Sun!)

1,000,001 = number of things I would like to do, buy, and organize before vacation


Annie, The Evil Queen said...

You guys are done before Memorial Day? Crazy. I have until August for my bathing suit vacation and I wish I only had 10 pounds to loose.

Jilly Beans said...

Is it down to four weeks? sweet beach and sunshine, I can't wait! I'll fight you for the palest skin award. Olay Touch of Sun, eh? Must look into that.

el-e-e said...

Woo hoo, home stretch for school days! Lucky you!

DebbieDoesLife said...

I forgot all about teacher gifts. Luckily, I only have one left in elementary!

Anonymous said...


I can not believe you are blogging. Yeah for you! I just talked to our mutual friend in Jacksonville and she told me to look you up. I just have to say this...if you are heading to MY BEACH town you had better call me. We would absolutely love to get together.

Rach B.

MaryB said...


will be close to your beach town in the near future. Can you send me your phone # at my email address??? Would love to see you and your expanded familia!

Thanks for stopping by!