Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Tweenager on Fashion

8pm food diary (Jan 24):
*organic oatmeal and 2 slices turkey bacon
*triscuits (I eat alot of triscuits!)
*Wendy's Junior cheeseburger
*a couple of Grant's fries
*small salad and bowl of chicken soup
*4 hershey kisses (damn those pretty red foil wrappers!)

*2 apple slices

First Jamie says, "Hey, mom, that shirt you're wearing looks like a grandma shirt."

I respond, "I've never seen your Grandmother wear a shirt that looks remotely like this. And she doesn't shop at Banana Republic."

Then he says, "Well, it looks like some other old lady then."

A few minutes later he says, "Those boots look like the ones on the mean nanny with the whip on the Charter commercial where the mom blocks out TV shows."

So, I guess I am an old-lady-wanna-be-hooker-dominatrix-chic.

I don't think that's what I was going for.


Tracy said...

I am so not looking forward to those years. I have a 2 and a 4 year old and some of the words out of their mouths already make my chin drop. I can't imagine what that is going to be like.

Tracy said...
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Anything is Possible said...

I think you look racy. And why are you wanting to lose weight? You look great.

MaryB said...

Rach - Best laugh today! Racy - ha ah Tha AT and Banana version of racy. Is there such a thing?

Thanx for the kind, kind words. Believe me, I know that most people who see me on the street would think I ws thin. I am not he kind of girl who says shitty things aboutherself just to fish for the compliments. I have, however, perfected the art of dressing for my body type. I can disguise almost anything. Anything except my too wide hips and robust booty. But, as Im sure you know when you are 5"31/2" and have the tiniest bone structure on the planet(my size 4 wedding rings fly off if I shake my hands too hard) -there is NO wiggle room. I gain 5-7lbs and end up going up two pant sizes. I just see my body really changing all of a sudden, and I do not like it one bit. Nothing is firm, and the hips booty area is growing WAY too fast. Really really freaks me out.

MaryB said...

Tracy - oh my gosh. these tweenagers have an opinion about EVERYTHING from fashion to politics. I hear the girls are even worse...aaargh! Buckle your seatbelt!

SLynnRo said...

Those boots are awesome. And yet again, kid is funny.

Paige said...

Shut. Up! You look great. Skirt... Pink (no surprise there) sweater... Pointy boots...

Boys don't know anything. Especially tweens. Wait til he gets older though, and all his friends moms are old and dumpy and you are young and hip. You'll show him then. :)

...Of course, that will freak him out, but you'll think it's great. :)

Tessie said...

Well, you are clearly not hideous, that's for sure.

Do you know that my wedding rings are a size 4 and I also have SIZERS on them? I think my true size is probably 3 1/2. My frame is positively ELFIN.

Anything is Possible said...

Aren't booties all the rage now? If not, I'm in big trouble. Ummm, I'm 5'2"! I feel your pain.

Annie, The Evil Queen said...

The boots! It's the boots that make you racy. Never take fashion advice from anyone who thinks that sports uniforms are cool.

So far Sam's only comments on my outfits have been positive (I like that shirt Mommy). But my time is coming.